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Using a breakthrough technique, Tech Tush allows you to feel the connection between the brain and your muscles as they are activated. Tech Tush is a 30 minute workout that can be done anywhere – no matter your current level of fitness.

Tech Tush is available to download or on DVD. Simply choose from one of the four options that best matches your computer and/or peripherals (such as iPhone, iPad or iPod), purchase, and play!

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Please choose one of these 4 options:

1.$9.95 Tech Tush App
2.$19.95 Tech Tush DVD (+ shipping / CA residents will be charged 8.25% tax):
Compatible with computers and dvd players. Tech Tush DVD
3.$9.95 Tech Tush Download for Laptop, iPod, iPad & iPhone (m4v, 444.3MB)
First download to your computer/laptop and then sync to your peripherals through iTunes.
4.$9.95 Tech Tush Download for Windows (wmv, 626MB)
Windows Media Video